Local Moving

Planning a local move, here’s how you can get the help you need

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Local Moving

Do you have a new job in another part of town or finally moving into your dream home? Everyone moves at some point in their life. Even though it is not as complex as an out-of-state move, a local move can still be overwhelming to pull off on your own. That’s where New Horizons Movers come into the picture. Our job is to help you avoid the strenuous physical labor and mental stress that a local move requires.

Hiring a moving company for the job is not compulsory. But hiring us will save you a lot of time, stress, and worry and ensure that your local move works out with no hitch.

We Help You Pack & Unpack

We can help you pack all your belongings out of your old home and apartment for a small extra fee. Simply let us know if you want this included as part of our services. As your local movers in Souderton and Philadelphia, we will help you sort and box everything up room by room and deliver it safely to your destination. We offer both full and partial packing services, depending on your preferences. We can also help you unpack in your new location. This way, the process of settling in into your new home is less stressful.

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Why Hire Us For A Local Move In Souderton And Philadelphia

Moving requires some heavy lifting that most people are not physically capable of handling on their own without considerable stress. You risk injuring yourself, especially if you are not used to carrying heavy loads. Hiring professional movers means you won’t have to worry about this and other stressful aspects of moving. It also means you won’t have to hire a truck or drive a trailer. Even if you are an experienced driver, maneuvering a truck is a different ball game, even for a local move. Our trained professionals will handle these and every other aspect of your local move.

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Hiring us is the most efficient and safest way to get your belongings to your new home without stress. Do you want a hassle-free local move? Call now for our moving services in Souderton and Philadelphia, PA.