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Moving can be stressful, especially when you need to travel a long distance. Fortunately, at New Horizon Movers, we offer specialized long distance moving services to ensure a seamless transition to your new space for a reasonable, affordable price.

Join us as we break down our long distance moving services in PA.

Our Long Distance Moving Services Include:

  • Any household shipment over 2,500 pounds
  • Detailed inventories provided for each move
  • Guaranteed on time pick-up
  • Free off-site estimates
  • Unique numbered tagging system for all items shipped
  • Customized crating of pictures, glass, and marble
  • Blanket and plastic stretch wrapping of all furniture

What Do Long Distance Moving Services Entail

In Pennsylvania, our long distance moving services are designed for residential clients who are moving across the state, or to a new state entirely. In short, we will pack your belongings into one of our trucks, transport it to your new space, and unload it for you! Through this entire process, we’ll put our experience as long distance movers in PA to good use, taking superb care of your belongings and ensuring your move takes place according to schedule and with little to no stress!

How Does It Work?

As with all of our moving services, to get started, you’ll have to reach out to us for a free estimate! With this estimate, we can understand the scope of your move, what materials or tangential moving services you may need, and you get a clear outline of what the move will cost you in total. 

Once we understand your move, we’ll give you a fixed transportation estimate that is guaranteed and binding! This cost is what you can expect to pay when the day of the move comes — it’s important to note that on average, our customers receive a saving of around 70% compared to other Pennsylvania moving companies. 

 From here, all that’s left is to prepare for your move! Unless you’ve specified a need for our packing services, you’ll be tasked with packing your belongings in boxes for us to transport. Of course, we will wrap your furniture, and we offer our custom crates for some of your fragile belongings.

 Then, when the day of your move comes around we’ll arrive on time and begin loading our truck. Our movers understand the best way to pack trucks for long distance moves to ensure safe transportation of your belongings, efficient unloading, and little to no hassle. Once we’ve packed up your old home, we then move you to the new one so you can start the next chapter of your life!


New Horizon Movers

At New Horizon Movers, our goal is to make long distance moving in Pennsylvania simple and accessible! We offer competitive rates, the best movers in the state, and a reputation for high-quality, efficient, and personable service. Whether you need to move across the state or to a new state entirely, we’ll make sure that you’re taken care of and set up in your new home. 

To learn more about the long distance services we offer in PA, contact us today via the form below.