It is quite overwhelming to downsize after living in a home for many years. You have items you don’t need or do not have the space for but have a hard time letting go. We can help you declutter your old home and settle into your new residence so you feel right at home.

New Horizon Movers can guide you or assist you with all of your downsizing needs.

Create a floor plan at your new residence to know what you are taking.

  • *New Horizon Movers works with Antique dealers as well as Stagers and Interior Designers to help make this process easier
  • Make 3 piles 1)give away 2)keep 3)Trash
  • Have family and friends come over to choose items they may want (sister may want an old crystal bowl, son may want china etc)
  • Donate what you don’t want or need after your give away party.
  • Decide what furniture you want to keep.
  • Furniture you are not taking
  • Ask what furniture your family or friends would like and when they can pick them up.(for a small fee NHM can deliver to them the day of your move)
  • Call a 2nd hand store or donation center for pickup (if they are not available (NHM can drop off the items for a small fee).
  • *New Horizon Movers can provide you with all of partial downsizing needs.