Storage For Interior Designers

If you’re an interior designer, you understand how crucial space management is for your work. It can be the difference between a wow-inducing, client-securing project and an unsightly mess.

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New Horizon Mover’s Interior Designer Storage Options

Self-storage units are invaluable tools for assisting designers in perfecting their craft. Likewise, they have similarly valuable practical uses as well

Our team at New Horizon Movers provides storage units for interior designers. Believe it or not, it  is among our most frequently requested services, and you can schedule a consultation immediately to explore the best options for your firm.

The Necessity of Storage for Interior Designers

Many interior designers, especially ones visiting the Philadelphia area for a contract job, find using their client’s space to store furniture and accessories creates unattractive clutter.  The orders pile up quickly, and the need for a storage area becomes extremely urgent. 

The Smart Option

A commercial address allows an interior designer to schedule deliveries to the unit.  Additionally, different pieces of the order have a safe, climate-controlled area to be stored until the designer is ready for the install.

With 24 hour access, the storage unit allows schedule flexibility. The interior designer has access to the hardware, the tools and the pieces itself to assemble, stage and coordinate transfer at the time of day that is most convenient.

 Your ability to scale easily to larger or smaller storage units can help meet budgeting and timeline objectives. Making your client happy is where your focus should be, and having your office free of clutter allows the peace of mind required to deliver your best.

Easy Inventory Tracking

Your different materials, furniture and installations, and tools you own are kept in easily managed locations, making keeping track of your various tools a piece of cake. In a profession as hectic and unpredictable as interior design, this kind of versatility can be an enormous asset.

And that about does it. If we’ve sold on using a personal storage unit for interior design, contact our team at New Horizon Movers as soon as you can. We make everything, from shipping to installation, a straightforward and stress-free process, and we would be thrilled to work with you.

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