Top Reasons To Use New Horizon Movers

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When it comes to moving, there is a lot that needs to be done. Regardless of the size of your move, New Horizon Movers will be there to help you get to your destination. Our approach in moving is entirely professional, ensuring the shift is accomplished on a positive note.

Experienced moving companies offer you comfort and ease and have the correct tools. There are many benefits associated with seeking the services of a moving company. Below we highlight the top reasons you should use our moving company in Souderton. Contact us to get started!

Family sitting on a couch in a new house with boxes all around them.

You Will Be Busy

Even when moving into the house of your dreams, the move can be a hard and challenging task. Are you planning to move long-distance?  Trust in the Moving Company Souderton calls for moving! Then you will be required to organize the logistics. Booking flights and hotels, medical records transfer, and kids’ registration for school all take a toll on you. Even shifting within your zip code may need you to schedule the moving responsibility around your daytime job, housework, and family life.

All these show how overwhelming moving can be. However, our moving company takes this burden off your to-do list. So let us do all the moving for you.

Our Souderton Moving Company Is Insured

Imagine breaking your treasured ceramic egg after tripping when moving! How will you be compensated?

With our moving company, all your belongings are covered. Our professional movers tend to be extra careful with your possessions than you ever would in most instances. Unlike you, they have experience moving and, thus, make mistakes less often. So, have peace of mind as you move, knowing your possessions are in the best hands.

Two movers carrying a plastic-wrapped piece of furniture up the stairs.
Movers carrying boxes out of a moving truck.

We Have the Equipment

Our moving company uses bubble wrap, heavy-duty tape, blankets, Styrofoam wraps, ratchet straps, and buffers to avoid damages as you move. We know how big items should be maneuvered, taped shut, and fitted into our moving vehicles like a puzzle.

Our Souderton Movers Are Affordable

You may think that getting some packing supplies from your nearest grocery store may be an easier solution, but you will end up having to buy extra boxes. Additionally, old boxes are not sturdy enough to hold your possessions.

On average, your family of four in your 4-bedroom apartment will require 144 boxes of various sizes for all your stuff. The price of the moving truck is not factored in, and neither are packing materials like bubble wrap or insurance. Comparatively, our Souderton moving company is a more affordable option as we provide all these things.

Person taping a moving box shut.
Man taping a moving box shut.

We Are All About Speed

Whether it is packing boxes or loading furniture, our crew is efficient. It is what we do every day.

Picking up some friends to help you move can make you spend days moving. Unfortunately, for most people, friends tend to suddenly have “new plans” whenever the day to move comes, leaving few available during the moving day. Consequently, you take considerably longer to pack and move.

Our team at New Horizon Movers is reliable and fast. We can have everything packed and loaded in our trucks for you faster than other people could.

Hiring New Horizon Movers is the economical and smart thing for Souderton, PA, residents to do. We afford you relaxation time, allowing you to concentrate on other fun moving aspects like decorating, painting, and neighborhood exploration.

With us, care and safety of your belongings are guaranteed. You don’t have to worry about renting equipment, gathering boxes, and figuring how the truck will be packed. All this is done while saving you money.  As the Top Rated Souderton Movers, we put you first!

Let our packing and moving experts in Souderton handle your move. Move with us today! Get in touch with our team to get started.