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When you are in need of a moving company, how do you know if you’re choosing the right one? You want your belongings to be protected during your move and hiring the right moving company will help you do so. We gathered professionals from around the nation from Portland, OR to Chicago, IL to share their insights on hiring a moving company, and what you can do for a smoother process. Read on to see what they had to say.

Get estimated rates when hiring a moving company
When screening moving companies, make sure your movers send you a written estimate with either a binding (fixed) price or non-binding (hourly) rate. On moving day, there are a wide variety of red flags to look out for – the more obvious ones being your movers not properly pad-wrapping your furniture, down to the more subtle details that only a pro-mover would know, like using brown snap movers tape instead of using duct tape, which pulls finishes off furniture.
– Sarver Movers

3 things to consider when moving
1) What to look for when hiring a moving company: Most importantly, ensure the moving company you are considering is licensed and insured.
2) What we wish homeowners knew before moving day: It is very important to verify with your building(s) if there are any requirements needed for a moving company to proceed. Such as a certificate of insurance with additional requirements, elevator reservations, or if they strictly require Union workers. Without this information prior to moving day, some buildings will prohibit your move from taking place.
3) What we wish homeowners knew before moving day/ packing tip: Declutter as soon as possible. Start with the small stuff and graduate to the bigger stuff – sort out what you want to keep and what you can live without. Many places in Chicago, IL, and surrounding areas accept donations, consider taking your excess items to any one of those locations. This will ensure you only move what you will need.
– Expert Movers

Decrease moving time by consolidating items in boxes
Some customers think that because they don’t have large heavy items, the move shouldn’t take long – that is contrary to the truth. Miscellaneous and awkwardly shaped items usually can’t be carried or handled with moving equipment. In other words, 20 miscellaneous items can mean 40 trips back and forth from the truck in addition to protecting and finding a safe place for these uniquely shaped items. Not consolidating these items with boxes or totes will increase the move time and could lead to their potential damage during transportation.
– The Smoove Movers

Save money by prepping before the move
If you’d like to save money on your upcoming move follow these three tips.
Purge your excess belongings
Obtain quotes from multiple movers
Recruit your friends and family to help with packing
– Headband Movers

Make a plan before you get started
Hiring a moving company: Beware of rogue movers and brokers, always ask for PUC license, DOT # & MC #, and always check for multiple review sites. Make sure they have over 100 reviews for credibility.
Prepare your items for the move: The key to staying organized during your move is to make a plan before you get started. Ask for a moving checklist from your preferred mover. Before you begin packing, consider creating a system to sort your valuables and personal items. When labeling your boxes, write their destination and contents, as well as if the items are fragile.
What to know before moving day: Know ahead of time where items and furniture are going to be placed in the new home, and which items are highly sentimental and irreplaceable.
– New Horizon Movers

Read the reviews
In a time where almost all information is available at our fingertips, reviews are the lifeblood of any company. It’s also the most beneficial way for a customer to decide with whom they spend their money and do business with. After all, you want to know that you are giving your money to a company that has built up their reputation with the people they are servicing, and in turn, they want to provide you with the very best so that the review you leave will ensure future business. We take pride in their 5-star rating and recommend reading through as many reviews as possible when choosing a moving company.
– Keep On Moving Company