Are you planning a residential or commercial move to or from the Souderton, PA area? If so, we’re glad you’re here! Moving is quite the process — it takes months to find a place, choose it, pack your belongings, and then finally complete the move! And as such, it’s important to make sure that you make moving as easy as possible! With New Horizon Movers, our array of residential and commercial moving services ensure an easy, stress-free move.

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Personalized Moving Services 

If you’ve never used professional moving services, let us set the record straight! They’re not unaffordable and they can be personalized to your specific needs, contrary to popular belief! The thing is, yes, we can absolutely provide you with the full-service, comprehensive start to finish moving services, and we’d love to accommodate you if that’s what you need. However, more often than not, our customers pick and choose the level of moving services they need to execute their move within their budget. 

For instance, while we offer packing and cleaning services, it’s completely okay to skip those and just have us move your boxes and furniture. And if even that’s too much? Don’t worry! We can show up for the decided time, and move only the items you need us to! Again, we can’t stress enough that we are here to provide you with our services — we want to make your move easy, and will work with you to provide as much — or as little — moving help you need.

Experienced, Reliable Movers

Now that you know we can tailor our moving services to your unique needs, let’s share a bit about our reputation! At New Horizon Movers, we’re a Top Rated Local® moving company in Pennsylvania! This means that all of our reviews are gathered from around the web and gathered in one spot so you can read reviews and see an overview of how others have rated our business! We’re proud to say that we currently maintain an over 4.5/5 star rating! Check out our profile here.

And beyond our TRL® profile, we’re proud to say we have quite the reputation throughout Pennsylvania! With years upon years serving people from all over the state, we understand homes in places like Souderton, the best transportation routes, and most importantly, the people, so we can always offer top-tier, compassionate services.   

We pride ourselves on leaving customers with a pleasant moving experience. In fact, a majority of our business comes from client referrals! 

New Horizon Movers

As your licensed, bonded, and insured moving in Pennsylvania, New Horizon Movers works tirelessly to leave you satisfied, so you can spend less time stressing over the actual move, and more time enjoying the time settling into your new place. We understand that moving is a huge task, and depending on your budget, considering a moving company can be a massive financial decision. If you’re interested in our moving services but would like to know more about options and pricing — or if you’d like to get started with an estimate — contact us today!